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you LOVE in just 12 weeks with...

Wellness Coach Business Academy is a 12-week group program that will cut out the guessing game of creating a coaching practice and build a business that aligns with your values, lifestyle goals, and

attracts your perfect clients.

Ideal for NBC-HWCs

Owning Your Own Coaching Practice is Your Dream

Yet, after spending thousands of dollars and endless hours of training to become a certified coach,

suddenly building a coaching business feels like learning a whole new language...

  • You want to have a legitimate business...but what do you need to do to officially create a business?

  • You want to have a business that feels simple and easy to run... but what systems do you need to make that happen?

  • You want to work with clients who energize you and feel like the perfect fit... but where do you start with finding them and know if they are ready and committed to working with you?

  • You know you can help facilitate some life-changing impact with your clients... but how do you help them see that before they work with you?

  • You know part of the business is selling your services... but how do you do that without feeling pushy or "salesy"?

  • You want clients who keep coming back... but how do you create long-term clients who stay for more than a few sessions?

At the end of the day, you just want to grow your business, support yourself, and create more impact...

All while running your business in a way that doesn't leave you feeling burned out and exhausted.

You're in the right place

We have helped coaches, just like you, build coaching practices that feel aligned with their life and they are proud to share.

Wellspired Co. was created to help health and wellness professionals bring their strengths and talents to the world to help others achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Our mission is to take away the complexity of running your own business, so you can do what you do best - help others be at their best.

It's Time to Create Your Ideal Coaching Practice

The world needs your talents now, more than ever!

Creating your ideal business means starting with the right core elements to create a foundation for long-term growth.

Whether you want to be part-time or take on 30+ clients a week and bring on an Associate Coach, the first step is creating a foundation to set you up for personal success and grow with you.

How would it feel to:

  • Work when, where, and how you want to (and how you work best!)

  • Identify and work with clients that energize you and are committed to doing the work.

  • Feel confident about your prices and service offerings.

  • Offer a program that facilitates the best possible outcomes for your clients, and you feel proud to share!

  • Attract new clients that are the perfect fit for you (and you're a perfect fit for them!) with a unique strategy that fits who you are, your lifestyle, and your work style.

When these critical foundational elements are set up correctly in your business, you will feel passionate and energized about your business, which will make you a better coach for your clients, and LOVE your business and your work!

You CAN do this.

Without feeling alone, spending hours learning every marketing trick,

or making wrong turns along the way.

If you're ready to create a coaching practice you LOVE,

I can't wait to introduce you to...

A 12-week group program that will cut out the guessing game of creating a coaching practice and teach you how to build a business that aligns with your values, lifestyle goals, and attracts your perfect clients.

  • 12 weeks of group training

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Access to our 3 phase training method so you can visualize, set up, and launch your business

  • *NEW* Weekly Co-Working Sessions - get work done alongside your peers

  • *NEW* Tech Support Office Hours - get extra hands-on support with all the tech setup

  • A private community to get support & ask questions

  • Everything you need to create a coaching business you LOVE!


Wellness Coach Business Academy will take you step-by-step through the process of creating and building your own private coaching practice. This program is full of content and tools, but you'll also have the community of the group to keep you accountable and support you through the entire program.

The program is broken out into 3 phases to help you take it one step at a time. We'll meet multiple times during each phase to learn the tools, take action, and reflect on our experiences.

Weeks 1 - 3

Phase 1: Create Your Business Vision & Roadmap

Identify WHY you are building your business, WHAT your core values and boundaries are, and WHO you can't wait to work with!

Building a business has many similarities to coaching, in that you need to create a vision of what you want before you will know the right path to getting there.

In this phase, you'll not only develop your vision for what you want your business to look like, but how you want it to operate, who you want to work with, and all the other details that go into creating a sustainable, healthy business.

You'll spend time reflecting on your personal values and identifying why those matter in your business, and how to create a business that aligns with your strengths and values.

Then, we'll transfer your vision over to your business road map, where you will create a personalized plan (using our template worksheets) for building your business.

You'll Come Away With...

  • Your business vision & plan - on paper, so you can see it and stick with it.
  • Your financial goals
  • A list of non-negotiables and boundaries for your business, and a work schedule that will make it all happen.
  • A clear mission for your business that will be a pillar for all other marketing efforts.
  • A validated ideal client profile and clarity for who they are, what they need, and how you can help - all in a way that resonates with them.
  • Your business vision & plan - on paper, so you can see it and stick with it.
  • Your financial goals
  • A list of non-negotiables and boundaries for your business, and a work schedule that will make it all happen.
  • A validated ideal client profile and clarity for who they are, what they need, and how you can help - all in a way that resonates with them.

Weeks 4 - 6

Phase 2: Setup Your Business

All Things Administrative for Setting Up Your Coaching Practice

If the tech, systems, and paperwork make your head spin when it comes to owning your own business, this is the phase for you! In this phase, we'll go through every administrative aspect of getting your business set up together - from business structure to practice management to marketing!

By using our straightforward checklist, we'll cut out the guessing games and get these tasks knocked out so you can be on your way to coaching clients!

We'll also explore details like business name registration, business insurance, and where to store your session notes in a compliant way, and how to bill clients for their sessions.

You'll Come Away With...

  • How to register your business identity with the state
  • How to set up your scheduling system and other programs for running your day-to-day operations
  • Business insurance options
  • How to set up Your payment & bookkeeping systems
  • How to set up your business social media accounts & all the marketing systems you need to start your business

*if you already have your business registered and insurance handled, don't worry! We'll work together and identify what's needed next in your business, whether that's systems or marketing planning, to make sure you're still getting the most out of this phase and ready to start taking clients in the next!

  • How to register your business name (and all the things to register with your new business name!)
  • How to set up your scheduling system and other programs for running your day-to-day
  • How to Compare Liability & Business Insurance Options
  • How to Set up Your Payment & Bookkeeping Systems
  • How to Set Up Your Business Social Media Accounts & all the marketing systems you need to start your business

Weeks 7 - 9

Phase 3: Set Your Strategy & Launch Your Business

Ready. Set. Go! It's time to put all the pieces together & take on your first clients!

If you've been procrastinating to start your business because you don't have a website, or 100 blog posts, or 1,000 followers on social media, you've officially been given permission to throw those excuses away!

In this phase, we'll talk about your personalized marketing strategy, the core marketing elements you need in your business, and how to attract and retain long-term clients.

We'll even create your "first draft" coaching program together that turns "coaching sessions" into a tangible (and desirable!) package that speaks to everything your ideal client needs and wants. (I call this "adding sparkle" to your coaching services!)

Then, we'll go through the simple steps you can take to let others know you're doing something exciting! This is the super fun part because you get to see all your work come to life! We'll create your step-by-step plan for announcing your business to the world, and even how to find your first set of clients.

You'll complete this phase knowing exactly what to do to keep the momentum going in your business!

You'll Come Away With...

  • The essential marketing elements to launch your business
  • Your "first draft" coaching program outline
  • Your marketing strategy to attract new clients
  • How to reflect, revise, and keep growing your coaching business so you can reach your business goals!
  • The essential marketing elements to launch your business
  • Your "first draft" coaching program outline
  • Your marketing strategy to attract new clients
  • How to reflect, revise, and keep growing your coaching business so you can reach your business goals!

By the end of this program, you will have a complete setup

coaching practice created uniquely for YOU!

Business & Marketing Expertise for Wellness Professionals

"Jen's expertise with business, marketing, and the health and wellness field was evident. Wellspired Co. comes highly recommended for other wellness companies looking to grow!"

-Lori K.

Small-Group Format Designed

with NBC-HWCs in Mind

"Before joining Wellness Coach Business Academy, I really wanted help getting started, and have a road map and a plan. I had been through another program a couple of years ago, and it was just ok. I was excited the program was a small group format designed specifically with NBC-HWCs in mind. As a result of going through WCBA, I got my LLC set up, and legal stuff together. I'm getting the core systems in place so that when someone is ready for coaching, I can confidently work with them!"

-Robin Wagner

How This Program is Different

Unlike other programs, instead of just providing the content, or only joining group calls, WBCA gives you the best of both worlds!

Weekly Zoom Calls & Working Sessions (1 hour)

We'll be getting right into the action in our first week, with group introductions and our first content lesson.

If you can't make a call, there's no need to stress! All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the learning portal (usually within 1 business day).

Unlike other group programs, WCBA includes 3 live 60-minute working sessions, where we'll actually work together online so you'll have immediate answers to any questions that come up.

Our Signature Framework to Keep You Moving

Each phase of the program will be split into 3-week sprints. Each week in the phase will have a specific focus:

  1. Topic Introduction & Lesson - Learn the content
  2. Action Week - Complete that week's action items
  3. Review, Reflection & Revision - This week is your chance to have your work reviewed, reflect on what worked well for you, and decide the best steps for you to keep moving forward in your business.

After we complete all three phases, we'll finish out the program with 3 weeks of Q&A sessions to keep the momentum going, answer questions that come up once you launch your business, and celebrate your wins!

Recorded Videos & Unlimited Access to the WCBA Learning Portal

Our learning week and working session calls will be recorded and uploaded to our learning system, so you can go back and rewatch them anytime you need! Plus, you'll have unlimited access to all the tools and content for as long as this program exists!

Templates & Worksheets to Give You a Jump Start

We're giving you templates and guides to make the most daunting tasks simple!


  • A Consult Call Script Template
  • Email Templates to Announce Your Coaching Practice
  • New Client Intake Form Template
  • Sample Coaching Agreement
  • Session Notes Structure Template
  • Client Onboarding Email Template
  • Request for Review/Testimonial Template
  • And More!

Plus, These Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Referral Generator Worksheet & Email Template

This is one of our most popular tools for our clients to help them generate referrals when they're just starting out!

$47 Value

Bonus #2


Beginner's Guide to

Social Media

for Wellness Pros

If social media feels overwhelming to you, this bonus is for you! Create your social media strategy and start posting with our post templates created just for new coaches!

$197 Value

Bonus #3

The Client Onboarding Jumpstart Toolkit

Yay! You signed your first client... now what? This mini-course includes my exact process for onboarding new clients, setting expectations, and creating a great client experience so they will rave about you to their friends and family (the best kind of referrals)!

$297 Value

Small Call to Action Headline

No Better Way to Support Your Business

"Before joining WCBA, I was really struggling with having a good flow and onboarding new clients. Working with Jen and the other participants to develop our programs was definitely a highlight for me. It was invaluable to have templates for emails and guidance for onboarding along with camaraderie from other health coaches. As a result of joining the program, my confidence level is much higher and I know exactly who I want to serve in my coaching practice. I am now ready to launch and take on my first clients! For anyone thinking about joining WCBA, I would tell them that there is nothing better you could do to support your business than join this program."

-Suzy L.

Hi, I'm Jen.

I'm a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, and a Certified Master Marketer.

In 2017, I left my 13-year promising corporate career in digital marketing to pursue my passion as a Wellness Coach.

People thought I was nuts...

But, if you know one thing about me, it's that I'm driven, and I couldn't shake the idea of having my own business helping others be and feel at their best.

When I started my coaching practice, I was soon met with a lot more alone time than I had imagined. What I didn't have was a community of like-minded coaches to support me and cheer me on as I trekked through the journey!

I was quickly met with a healthy dose of impostor syndrome and spent most of my first year building (and rebuilding, and tweaking) a website, writing blog posts, and scrolling social media... Did I need a complete online presence before I could start coaching? heck no! I went back to what I knew because I didn't have a community to lean on.

Jump forward to 2022, and I've owned my coaching practice for 5 years and recently brought on two Associate Coaches! I've coached hundreds of clients and I wish I had the knowledge back then that I have today about what it takes to create and grow a coaching business.

In 2019 (without any knowledge of the impending pandemic), I started Wellspired Co. and thought it would be a small consulting business to help other coaches, and we quickly grew into a full-blown marketing agency for wellness professionals! Since then, we have launched programs, built websites, and strategized with other coaches to help them achieve their business vision.

It has been one heck of a ride!

Here's the thing... I wholeheartedly believe Wellness Coaches are needed more than ever in this world we live in today. People need us. People need YOU.

That's why I decided to take all the tools and resources I've used over the last 5 years to build my coaching practice and others and put it all together in a group program that will simplify the process of getting your business started so you can start helping people achieve their wellbeing goals!

I strongly believe starting your coaching practice doesn't have to be complicated (and you don't need to spend a year creating an online presence!).

If you're ready to create a business you LOVE, I can't wait to help you!

Wellness Coach Business Academy is Perfect For You If...

  • You're a newly Certified Coach
  • You've been coaching with a company and you're ready to start your own coaching practice.
  • You've been trying to get your business up and running but you keep getting stuck.
  • You want to create a business that works with your strengths, values, and lifestyle.
  • You're committed to doing the work and getting a little uncomfortable in the process.
  • You want a supportive community and knowledgeable guidance to help you stop second-guessing and feel confident about the business you're building.

No More Getting Stuck

"Before joining WCBA, I was struggling with the nuts and bolts of setting up an online coaching business, especially all the systems that are needed. Wellness Coach Business Academy gave me a clear roadmap for all the systems I needed and tutorials on how to get them in place. Other highlights in the program were working through developing a coaching program, and the email templates that make it so easy to get started! As a result of the program, I now have a clearer vision of what it takes to start a business. For anyone thinking about joining WCBA, I would tell them to go for it! It’s a great beginning overview for starting a new coaching practice!"

-Nicole F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an NBC-HWC to join this program?

No. You do not have to be a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach to join this program, but it is recommended that you are certified with another governing coaching organization, like ICF, or are planning to become an NBC-HWC. Our program adheres to the NBHWC code of ethics.

Are CEUs Available for This Program?

Yes! WCBA is an approved continuing education program for the NBHWC for 15 credits.

Upon completion of the program, there will be a short survey you are required to complete in order to receive your certificate of completion.

How much time is required?

Each week, there will be a 1-hour Zoom call which will rotate between a lesson, an action call, where we'll work together on your action items, and a review & reflection session. Whatever action items you do not finish on the action call will need to be completed outside of our session. The time needed will vary depending on your technical knowledge, and desired time to research options. It's a good idea to plan for at least an additional hour to work on the action items each week, however, our templates and resources will save you a lot of time over doing it all on your own!

Are there any other costs to starting my business?

You should plan to be ready to invest in your business when you first get started. You'll need to prepare for costs around registering your business with the state (~$50 one-time) and insurance (~$100 - $400 per year).

Throughout the program, we do our best to provide a couple of options for different systems (some are free, and some have a monthly subscription) depending on the features and the budget you have.

Lastly, when you create your website, you'll need to plan to purchase your domain name (~ $30 per year) and a hosting plan (~$120 per year).

But don't worry, we'll break all of this down during the program, and help you determine what you need to buy now, and what can wait.

If I'm currently in training to become a certified coach, can I join this program?

Yes! You can start your business even before you are certified and begin working on everything we'll be learning together throughout the program. The only small difference is that you may not be ready to announce your business in Phase 3, but many of the marketing strategies we'll be teaching you to attract new clients can also be used to book practice sessions needed for your certification!

How soon can I expect to make a return on my investment?

Every coach is different depending on their goals and commitment to the program. Although we can't make any promises or guarantees on earnings, most students can make back their investment with the first coaching program they sign on!

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